BAME Health, Support and Care


This page is dedicated to providing support, care, advice and information for our readers who may considered themselves belonging to an ethnic minority group. Charities and organisations that provide useful information, care and support for Black African, Black Caribbean, Indian, Asian, Pakistani, Chinese and all ethnicities.

Africa Advocacy Foundation


Africa Advocacy Foundation is a team of people who empower individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through accurate information, advice, and guidance. They provide safe, judgment-free, and inclusive platforms for community members to discuss and engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices.



NAZ is a BAME-led sexual health agency working to address sexual health inequalities in BAME communities. They work across London to provide culturally specific interventions to BAME communities disproportionately impacted by poor sexual, reproductive and HIV outcomes. They also have a national reach through our events and programmes. 


NAZ believe the inequality in BAME sexual health must be scrutinised under a wider lens: factors such as housing, long term health conditions, education, employment, representation and leadership contribute to local as well as national health outcomes. Race is a significant factor in sexual health inequalities and having those most impacted driving the thinking, strategy, research and leadership as well as the operations, is key to achieving a step-change in sexual health outcomes long-term, for minority communities.